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It is advisable to use vasoconstrictors before using intranasal glucocorticoids and only viagra pill in case of severe nasal congestion. But in general, it is better not to abuse nasal vasoconstrictors for allergic rhinitis. Alternative treatment of allergic rhinitis.

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So, during the period of exacerbation of pollen allergy, patients are advised to change their place of residence to an area where the causative plants do not grow, and if it is impossible, try to leave the room only after dinner, when the concentration of pollen in the air is declining.

Food allergy involves the complete exclusion of foods for which the patient had positive tests (allergy test).

Viagra to dust involves constant wet cleaning of the room, during which a special mask should be worn to prevent dust allergens from entering the mucous membranes. Allergic rhinitis during pregnancy. In every third woman, pregnancy contributes to the first appearance or exacerbation of already existing allergic diseases. This presents certain difficulties both for the patients themselves and for their doctors, since most of the examination methods and drugs are strictly prohibited during pregnancy.

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Symptoms of allergic rhinitis in pregnant women are absolutely no different from the classic manifestations. The disease can have a certain effect on the fetus only in the case of severe forms of the disease and with ED treatment.
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